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These are recipes with flavors of the south and generous tastes bursting with the Canigó sun. Sweets with lemony, aniseed flavors, mixtures of almonds or pine cones. Or even spicy country dishes with thyme, rosemary and mushroom fumets, simmering by the fire.

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The Bunyetes

The Bunyetes ou bougnets, crepells, are pancakes made from a leavened dough made from flour, eggs, butter, lemon zest, orange blossom water. They are eaten at Easter time. They are fried in oil then covered in sugar for a puffy and crispy result.

Les Rousquilles

Rousquilles are soft, fluffy little round biscuits covered in a lemony icing.


the strand

The strand or torróis a confectionery made from honey, sugar, egg white, and whole or crushed almonds. There are a multitude of variations: hazelnut, almond flour, chocolate... It comes in the form of a rectangular tablet, more or less large, depending on your desires.

The Ollada

The Ollada Catalan (pronounced “Ouillade”) is a fairly hearty winter dish. This is pork and vegetables (cabbage, white beans, potatoes, etc.) of the hotpot type.

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