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Explore, be amazed, taste… marvel at the beauty of the landscapes.

Nature Reserves

The objective of the Nature Reserve classification is to protect a set of natural habitats where flora and fauna made up of rare and original species develop.
Landscapes to enjoy while hiking, to share and to respect!

The Canigó destination has no less than 7 Nature Reserves!

The nature reserve of Prats-de-Mollo-La-Preste
The nature reserve of Coat
The nature reserve of Py
The nature reserve of Win
The nature reserve of Jujols
The nature reserve of Nohedes
The nature reserve of known

Caranca Gorge

It is one of the essential and refreshing hikes of the destination with ledges and rope bridges above the Gorges de la Carança.

Commune of Thuès-Entre-Valls

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