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A very old legend says that “Seven giants had set out to conquer the heavens by erecting a stone staircase to reach the sacred mountain: The Canigó. »

Seven gigantic men made their powers weigh on the people living at the foot of Canigó. Taken by pride, they tried to dethrone the gods of their kingdom. For that, they wanted to go up to them by building a colossal staircase. They went up the valley, rolling in front of them huge rocks making the valleys tremble. From Serre Vernet, Pla Guillem and Riuferrer, the slow ascent of the giants, piled up slabs on slabs, grew. The peaks lifted the ridges, defying the highest point of the Canigó. Their halts were signaled by a raised stone. As the Canigó was within assault range, the Gods unleashed the Thirteen Winds. The earth shook and from these depths rose a breath of fire. The torrents carry furious eddies of water. Bursts of night wall dark masses crossed by lightning. The sky was burning and its ashes blinded the abysses. The winds rose from all sides and petrified the giants into seven heaps of stones: The Pic des Set Homes culminating at 2 m.