Le Percnoptère d’Égypte


Egypt's Egyptian Vulture

Egyptian vulture has taken up residence on the destination This small African raptor (1,5 to 2 kilograms, 58 to 78 cm for a wingspan of 150 to 180 cm) is distinguished from its congeners by an agility uncommon to other species of vultures. Its white plumage turning black at the ends of the wings […]

Traditions du Noël catalan

Catalan Christmas traditions

Christmas Traditions in Destination Canigó The “Pessebres Vivents” (living nativity scenes in Catalan) are a veritable institution in local traditions. In Catalonia, it was during the XNUMXth century that we find traces of the existence of these theatrical representations of the Nativity featuring actors, singers and animals in a fervor […]

la Sybille

History from here

the Sybil

Story of an aqui singer On the northern balconies of Canigó going down from Bélesta towards Ille-sur-Têt, an unusual detail catches the eye. An arrow pointing to the sky stands out from the horizon. To approach it, no path, no indication… just this little sign on the side of the road: “La Sybille”. A little further on, a house […]

Les Boles de Picolat


Boles de Picolat

Ingredients (5 people) • 400g ground beef • 300g ground pork or sausage meat• 120g pork belly, diced• 2 eggs • 4 cloves of garlic • 2 onions• salt, pepper and parsley• 1 slice of dry bread • 100 g of bacon bits • 5 nice tomatoes […]

la rousquille


the rousquille

Created by Mr. Séguela in 18010, the rousquille is a small soft and melting pastry in the shape of a crown, flavored with lemon and covered with icing. It is the emblematic pastry of Canigó and a must during your stay! Every year, on the last weekend of August, the Rousquille festival is celebrated in […]

Le bras de gitan


The gypsy arm

Ingredients and preparation Ingredients 5 egg yolks 100 g sugar 100 g sifted flour 5 egg whites whipped Grand Marnier For the pastry cream 4 egg yolks 125 g caster sugar 70 g flour 1/2 liter milk 1 vanilla pod Preparation Preparation of the pastry cream Put […]

Muntanyes regalades


Muntanyes treats

The song evokes the Canigó, its freshness and its waterways Muntanyes regalades són les del Canigó, que tot l'Estiu floreixen; Primavera i Tardor! Tardor i Primavera, a tostemps hi han flors. Hi floreixen les roses, clavells de tot color! Muntanyes regalades són del Canigó, that soon l'Estiu floreixen; Primavera i Tardor! N'hi ha […]




Song EL CAPELLÀ I LA GALLINA A Sant Marçal, A prop de la Bastida Vivia un pobre capellà, Menjava poc, una trufa bullida De tant en tant un crostó de pa.

La tradition des Bunyetes


The tradition of the Bunyetes

Bunyetes (pronounced Bougnette) or crespells in Haut Vallespir, are pancakes fried in oil and sweetened that are eaten at Easter time. Cousin of the Provençal atrium. They had met at dawn in a warehouse at the station to prepare, all together, the dough that would be used to make the Bunyetes. […]

Rencontre avec Thomas Dulac

Portraits of people from here

Meeting with Thomas Dulac

Thomas Dulac High mountain guide and guardian of the Cortalets refuge, at the foot of Canigó for 11 years. I am Thomas Dulac, mountain guide and guardian of the Cortalets refuge. Thomas, are you from this region? I was born 100 km from here. Why this desire to come here? I worked as a guide […]

Rencontre avec Nathalie Sola

Portraits of people from here

Meeting with Nathalie Sola

Nathalie Sola Guardian of the Sant Guillem refuge. “When I learned that this refuge was freeing up, I flashed on it. » My name is Nathalie Sola, I am 52 years old and I come from a restaurant course, classic hotel. By chance, I went to help Thomas Dulac one day at the Cortalets refuge. He wanted me to do the season with […]

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