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This eco-route is part of 9 experiential tourism eco-trips around the Mediterranean, each linked to 9 iconic mountains.

village d'Eus et le Canigou
©JC Milhet

Lhe northern balconies of Canigó, the promise of a gentle, curious and perfumed roaming with the scents of the maquis.

This landscape route covers the northern balconies of Canigó, from Millas to Prades, in 68 kilometers and eight stages. Along the way, he tells the stories of this inhabited land. Throughout the story, he offers an encounter with sensitive and living landscapes.

true stories

The Canigó, a timeless mirror in which the places, the population and the Catalan culture are reflected, testifies to what it knows and observes day after day since time immemorial.

Let's take the time to contemplate this reflection which speaks of inhabited landscapes and reveals what we no longer look at by dint of seeing it. Let's change our point of view to question the future of a living and productive territory, to choose the landscapes in which we want to live tomorrow.

thumb stories

Viewpoints are set up along the route. You can sit alone, 2 or 3 to contemplate the landscape and make it resonate in your imagination. The Canigo tells you the story of the breathtaking landscapes you will cross.

The landscape is also the expression of a land on which peoples have settled because it is rich, generous and welcoming. For several thousand years, they have been shaping and transforming it to inhabit it. Over time, farming practices have adapted to environmental conditions and community needs. Today, this know-how is the signature of a local production, punctuated by the seasons which reflects the variety and quality of the products as well as the activities offered by the northern balconies. On the route, the talents of the balconies offer a tasty encounter, an experience to share. A map, attached to this guide, accompanies your journey.

Guides and paper maps, available in the tourist offices of the territory.

Traveling hike from Millas to Prades
GPX trace of the belvedere route:

9 loops of the North Balconies of Canigó

National road N116 is served by the Lio bus and the train Lio TER at 1 € le voyage

The hiking sheets and the GPS tracks of the 9 loops can be downloaded below:

PDF sheets

> 1_1 Volta loop of Força Real – MillasBD.pdf (926.75 KB)
> 2_Volta buckle from CaladroyBD.pdf (910.73 KB)
> 3_Volta loop from Ille – BélestaBD.pdf (966.77 KB)
> 4_Volta Loop by RopideraBD.pdf (897.33 KB)
> 5_Volta Loop by MarcèvolBD.pdf (948.46 KB)
> 6_Boucle Volta Marquixanes – ArboussolsBD.pdf (951.85 KB)
> 7_Volta loop from Coma_BD.pdf (935.72 KB)
> 8_Volta Loop Sant Jaume de CalaonsBD.pdf (953.68 KB)
> 9_Volta Loop Sant Esteve de CampillesBD.pdf (941.35 KB)

GPX tracks

> Loop Volta de Força Real.gpx (135.89 KB)
> Caladroy.gpx Volta Loop (136.6 KB)
> Volta Loop from Ille-sur-Têt – Bélesta.gpx (209.98 KB)
> Volta loop from Ropidera.gpx (171.43 KB)
> Volta Loop from Marcevol.gpx (86.36 KB)
> Loop Volta de Marquixanes – Arboussols.gpx (105.42 KB)
> Coma.gpx Volta Loop (114.54 KB)
> Circuit Volta de Sant Jaume de Calaons.gpx (65.13 KB)
> Circuit Volta de Sant Esteve de Campilles.gpx (127.79 KB)