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Hiking, the favorite activity of the destination, allows you to discover the territory at your own pace, according to your desires of the moment.

Mountain guides:


  • Avoid going alone. Notify a relative of his itinerary.
  • Do not overestimate yourself, identify the course and choose it according to your physical abilities.
  • Do not forget the map of the sector concerned (IGN Top 25 preferably) as well as a compass.
  • If possible, provide a fallback solution in case of a problem (refuge or other route)
  • Avoid going in bad weather and adapt your route according to the seasons (violent storms in summer, avalanches in spring).
  • In the event of a storm, avoid using the telephone and electrical devices, do not take shelter under trees.
  • Bring, even in summer, hiking clothes suitable for all weathers, walking shoes adapted to the terrain and to your feet, a backpack and essential accessories (water bottle, knife, pharmacy, flashlight, compass, hat as well as walking sticks).
  • Remember to take enough water, avoid drinking water from streams.
  • Bring energy foods rich in protein, carbohydrates and fructose such as cereal bars, fruit jellies, dried fruits, etc.