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Soft links for lovers of landscapes and terroirs, steep ascents for demanding climbers or technical descents for athletes looking for thrills, it's YOURS TO PEDALING!

Bike routes

Here, cycling adapts to all your desires thanks to our vast network of greenways, cycle routes, trails or nature trails. The sacred mountain of the Catalans, its balconies and its foothills await you.

The Catalan valleys are in the spotlight for this Tour de France 2021! 

Starting from Céret to reach Prades, via the Fourtou pass, it was first of all a wild crossing of the Canigó foothills that was offered to our champions. Villefranche-de-Conflent, Font-Romeu and Pas de la Casa complete this mountain route linking Céret to Andorra la Vella over 191,3 km, placed under the sign of sunshine and effort. 
Fans of the Tour de France or simple lovers of wild nature, our playground spreads out at the foot of the Canigó massif and offers you the possibility of diving into the heart of an almost intact green setting.

One massif, two atmospheres
Head due south along the Tech river and discover the wild beauty of the Vallespir valley… Or prefer the olive groves guarded by the Vauban forts of the Conflent valley?
Between these two valleys stands the Canigó, its maquis and its farmhouses, its passes and its ravines. An ideal playground, still confidential today, fortunately preserved and nestled in the hollow of the regional nature reserves and the Regional Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees.

Athletes of the little queen or simple fans of local history confident in the strength of your calves, this territory is made for you.
Pirinexus, EuroVélo 8, non-category passes or simple circuits of discovery around the cultural heritage, the Catalan country reveals itself to cyclists throughout the year. 
In order to help you find your way around all the cycling routes in our territory, our Destination Canigó map will help you choose and plan your stay. Alone or accompanied by our partners, you can find all the documentation at the Tourist offices. The routes 

pratique du vélo sur le Canigó
Map of the cycling offer on the Canigó destination

A bike that suits you!

Today there are a myriad of ways to combine climbing the passes of the massif with picking mushrooms as a family. For that, everything is in the choice of your car!
Attention: A good hydration with water and a good knowledge of the physical capacities of each one will be essential to you to avoid the arrival of cramps in the calves. Attention common pathology in the region! 

A brief overview of the cycling disciplines to be practiced within the Destination Canigó:

Cycle tourism is a typical recreational practice of cycling such as family outings at free pace. It is mainly practiced on paved roads and greenways. Suitable for everyone, from the youngest to the most dilettante of us.
Cycling: sporting discipline practiced on the road where performance is sought. Informed sportsmen, this category is yours; we recommend the ascent of our most beautiful mythical passes all along the "Route Vauban". 
Gravel: It is originally a discipline practiced on roads that are not all paved. The type bike Gravel is therefore typed road with rather wide tires and with a comfortable position. It is regularly advised to practice loops in itineraries. Suitable for tenacious travelers
Mountain biking (and VVTAE*) : The Mountain Bike is a bike intended for use on more or less uneven terrain. Off the paved roads, it now brings together several distinct practices such as leisure, Cross-Country, Trail, All Mountain, Enduro or even DH. 
The pump track: Closed loop course, consisting of several consecutive bumps and banked turns. It can be used with different sports equipment, including mountain biking or BMX. Bobsleigh nostalgics, take care of yourself. 
Hybrid bike (and VAE*): Bike designed for touring or urban use, recommended for varied use, both in town on paved roads and on cycle routes/greenways. You will have no more excuses... 

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