Destination Canigo

The destination is made up of two valleys surrounding the Canigó and bearing the names of the rivers crossing them: La Têt and Le Tech.

Situation Massif du Canigó Pays Catalan


The Tet Valley

The Têt has its source at the foot of Carlit (2). The valley is wide and flat, surrounded by rocky escarpment which makes the Canigó very impressive and majestic.


Tech Valley

The Tech rises at the foot of Costabona (2m). The valley is narrow and hilly, offering many viewpoints with a view of the Canigó massif.


La Trobada del Canigó

The Trobada del Canigo

the meeting at the top of Canigó La Trobada is one of the major event on the Canigó destination. It is an integral part of the festivities of the Flama del Canigó and the Focs de Sant Joan. It always takes place the weekend before June 23. Each Catalan village sends a delegation to go and lay a bundle […]

Canigó, Terre des Catalans

Canigó, land of Catalans

The sky is iridescent with pastel colors announcing the arrival of light on the Catalan Country. Scents of thyme nectar and heather gradually rise. The Canigó is there, majestic, imposing.

Les paysages remarquables / Réserves et sites naturels

Remarkable landscapes, reserves and sites natural

Explore, marvel, taste… marvel at the beauty of the landscapes. The Nature Reserves The objective of the Nature Reserve classification is to protect a set of natural habitats where flora and fauna made up of rare and original species develop. Landscapes to enjoy while hiking, to share and to respect! The Canigó destination does not […]

le patrimoine bâti catalan

History & Heritage Catalan frame

Heritage of stone and cities of vertigo Like the Giants of Canigó who built stairs to conquer the skies, the Catalans erected monuments and impregnable villages on the tops of the mountains.

Mythes & Légendes du Canigó

Myths & legends of the Canigo

It is a territory impregnated by many myths & legends dating from the Middle Ages for some, even antiquity. The Canigó dragon, the mystery of the holy tomb; the child-devouring monster Simiots; the Witches of Villefranche de Conflent; the Trabucayres highway robbers whose treasure has never been found; or the […]


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Muntanyes regalades
La tradition des Bunyetes


Rencontre avec Thomas DulacRencontre avec Thomas Dulac

Thomas Dulac High mountain guide and guardian of the Cortalets refuge, at the foot of Canigó for 11 years. I am Thomas Dulac, mountain guide and guardian of the Cortalets refuge. Thomas, are you from this region? I was born 100 km from here. Why this desire to come here? I worked as a guide […]

Thomas Dulac

Guardian of the Cortalets refuge and mountain guide

Rencontre avec Nathalie SolaRencontre avec Nathalie Sola

Nathalie Sola Guardian of the Sant Guillem refuge. “When I learned that this refuge was freeing up, I flashed on it. » My name is Nathalie Sola, I am 52 years old and I come from a restaurant course, classic hotel. By chance, I went to help Thomas Dulac one day at the Cortalets refuge. He wanted me to do the season with […]

Nathalie Sola

Guardian of the Sant Guillem refuge

Rencontre avec Xaví BoshRencontre avec Xaví Bosh

B. Malassingne Xaví Bosh The feeling I had in this place? … It's very pleasant: a very natural, very wild forest. My name is Xaví Boshet, I am Catalan from the South. Guardian of the Conques refuge I was born in 1961 and I have been working in refuges for 40 years. This is my […]


Guardian of the Conques refuge



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